Eye Level Learning Center 
8720 Hwy 6 300 Missouri City,TX 77459 
Eye Level Learning Center
8720 Hwy 6 300
Missouri CityTX 77459
 (281) 712-1725
A Leading Provider of Supplemental EducationUtilizing a Proactive Learning Method with an Emphasis on Lifelong Learning
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Learning Center Missouri City, TX

Eye Level Learning Center in Missouri City, TX, helps your child get the most out of his or her education with our quality tutoring services. Specializing in English and mathematics, our tutoring program helps students not only grasp concepts they might have missed in class but also teaches them to think critically about the material they're learning. Let us help your child achieve his or her full potential by contacting us today.

"I Am the Key"

Our experienced math and English tutors understand there is a difference between knowledge and comprehension and we seek to help bridge that gap, providing your son or daughter with not only the fundamentals required by the school but with a fuller understanding of the lessons that will help them achieve success throughout their academic career. We take the time to develop individual curricula based on your child's learning styles and struggles to ensure that every pupil gets the full benefit of our tutoring services.

Benefits of Our Programs


  • Systematic study materials for all levels that allow students to fully understand and master the required mathematical concepts in a progressive manner.
  • Study materials that develop the ability to solve problems independently. Students will be able to solve questions that are presented as variations of similar concepts.
  • An interactive teaching methodology that incorporates proactive feedback. Communication is an integral part of the Eye Level education.
  • Eye Level helps students develop their critical- and analytical-thinking skills. Difficulty and question variations are introduced systematically throughout all levels.
  • Through the online-blended program, students receive immediate feedback, correcting mistakes and learning as they complete their work. Online ranking and math games enhance the learning experience for students. Through the parent account, parents can easily check their child’s results at any time.


  • English Language Arts includes the development of comprehension and expansion of capacity for written and oral language. Basic language arts helps students acquire rudimentary language skills through language structure, reading, and writing.
  • Students develop fundamental reading skills through explicit instruction, targeted practice, and oral reading focusing on fluency.
  • The individualized nature of the program allows students to begin at a point where they're able to work independently and advance to more challenging material with confidence.
  • Eye Level’s writing booklets introduce students to the four primary writing genres: narrative, informational, opinion, and research.
  • Students begin with basic picture responses to carefully-selected prompts and work their way up to basic sentences, paragraphs, and finally three or more paragraph essays.

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To learn more about how Eye Level Learning Center can benefit your child, fill out the contact form below or give us a call at (281) 712-1725 to schedule an appointment.

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